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Liberation Through Sound

February 16, 2012

Excerpt       (from a CMS brochure, 1978)

“In search of our own music, we learn to realize, that our personal material is already there, something to be discovered, rather than learned. While we study our instruments and discipline our musical minds, our ways begin to surface. No-one can teach anyone to play if the goal is improvisation. One can only teach common basics, awareness of the many detail to be watched, traditional approaches, and try to be an example of some kind. Music is a lifelong study, a way of life. It begins by imitating other, sometimes almost to the point of total identification, the same way children learn to walk and talk and do things. This is an important period, and not to be ridiculed at all. Certain inroads into personal aspects of music can only be made that way: understanding what the layers are that can be reached.

Finally there can be the lliberating experience that the material is not the point at all: we train ourselves to become instruments, where the music can flow through freely, like electricity through a transmitter. We don’t know where it is going. We don’t even know what it is doing. We are only as ready as possible, keeping the tools sharp, keeping fine-tuning, essentially empty, so we can vibrate.”

Karl Berger


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