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A New Chapter Is Unfolding

November 20, 2012

by Karl Berger

Welcome to my blog and to the new web pages of the Creative Music Foundation.

The Creative Music Studio, that brought together so many great musicians and styles from all over the world, is not just history. I am excited that a new chapter of the Creative Music Foundation is unfolding, answering the growing need for creative space, cross-cultural interaction and pressure-free time for expansion and experimentation. My call for forming a professional Improvisers Orchestra in New York in 2011 brought a pool of over 60 professional players together. American, European, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, South-American performers of all instruments with very mixed stylistic (jazz, classical, world musical) orientation participated in over 40 concerts so far. I guide and conduct them in the spirit and methodology developed at CMS, which emphasizes the blending and harmonizing of individual expression, where every player is ensemble member and also a soloist. Each of these players has students eager to expand their horizons. So the stage appears to be set for us to open the doors again.

 Why is that so important ? Well, by welcoming you to our pages I know that you are among the few who know why.

Music touches our personal and universal being in a way that nothing else can.

In its most personal expression music has the power to transform and liberate, to heal and to enlighten us beyond our earthly visions. There are really no words to describe what music is all about. Because music starts where words end. And our humanity does not end in words. Music is as essential to our humanity as the air we breathe.

In the 70s and 80s, when CMS was flourishing with year-round programs attracting international attention, public funding was widely available to support our programs. Now, in our challenging economic time, support of culture in general, and music in particular, has almost entirely become the responsibility of the private sector. So I want to ask you to support us, to advise us and to help us expand our sources of support. If you know individuals with a sensitive heart for music that might become supporters of the Creative Music Foundation, please let us know.

Music is one of the greatest expressions of generosity. It heals and rejuvenates us time and time again.

I want to thank you for your support

With music and much appreciation,





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