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Music Mind continued

January 27, 2014

It is hard to believe, that more than a year went by since I posted the  last statement here concerning the Music Mind method and book. The reason is simple: when you look at the explosion of activities within the Creative Music Foundation (, you can imagine that the emphasis shifted away from writing to hands-on activities concerning workshops in the US and Europe, the Improvisers Orchestra, concerts and recordings and the huge CMS Archive Project. But the Music Mind book project and connected workshops and coaching sessions,  are very much on my mind and will, from now on, follow a very organized schedule.

I am writing this blog, because I want to hear from you. And I want to spread the message of Music Mind far and wide. Music touches the essence of our lives, far beyond the notion of entertainment. I feel that everyone is a musician, whether one plays or not. The Music Mind topics are not only for musicians but for everyone who feels the rhythms and sounds of life in a creative way.

Of course, coaching musicians leads to another set of detailed issues than working with people in developing their “inner musician”. But the principles are the same. We’ll get into that in great detail.

This time it will not take another year for the next posting.

Have a great and very musical 2014

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