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Music Mind Workshops and Coaching

May 11, 2014

“Music Mind” Workshops are being offered at the CMS Workshops Intensives and at academic and non-academic venues

I call this approach “Music Mind”, because we learn how to expand and sensitize our minds in three directions:

1    hearing all tones and sounds as harmony, which opens infinite potential to harmonize and, at the same time, personalize our music

2    feeling and trusting our spontaneous intuition and our naturally perfect sense of timing

3    connecting and blending with others through fine-tuning our sense of dynamics and identifying with the total sound.

My aim is to have us all realize the natural potential we all have for expanding our minds in these ways. It is actually not an expansion at all: we are born with this “expanded” spontaneous frame of mind. It is our natural state of mind.

I believe, and I know from many years of experience, that this approach helps players and composers of any kind of music. Whatever one plays or writes, it has to come off as fresh: as music that is happening right now and has never happened before. Performance of music is all new, all improvised, whether there is written material or not.



(all Instruments and Voice)

Music Mind principles can be applied in Ensemble Workshops of any stylistic direction. I offer Improvisers Ensemble Workshops, from small groups to larger ensembles of any instrumentation where we work with world-musical themes        (Turkish, Indian, African, European) and/or original motives, mostly of a modal or poly-modal character.                                             We may also utilize themes by other composers or by the workshop participants.

Music Mind can also be taught in Elemental Practice Sessions. Rather than starting with a specific stylistic concept such as a style of jazz or a classical or specific world-musical approach, we begin with principles common to all music and explore them in “harmonic free play”. Then we apply what we learn from that to modal (scale-based) improvisation and composition.These practices can also be utilized without instruments, just using our voices. And they don’t require improvisational skills.Actually, this work has proven to be an excellent intro to improvisation for classical instrumentalists and vocalists.

We will then also explore rhythm and timing with a simple approach to additive rhythmic forms that I call Gamala Taki. Again, rather than working in a specific style, we begin with rhythmic principles common to all music and explore beat-for-beat-attention to pulse, language rhythm and the resulting forms or cycles.

In the end the insights gained from this approach will generate new vista in any style of improvising, interpreting or composing, and on any level of accomplishment.

I usually conduct theses workshops together with my partner, vocalist/poet Ingrid Sertso. We often mix the formats so that they best address the particular situations.

The Music Mind approach is also an excellent way for classical players to expand into a new world of collective and individual improvisation. Again, rather than starting with specific stylistic concepts, we move into this new world of improvisation by exploring principles of sound, dynamics and timing, that lead us to specific expressions. These processes will, in turn, give us new angles for personalized interpretation of written music.


COACHING sessions for individual players (all instruments) or small groups are also available online (Skype Sessions). A very effective way to develop your personality and expressiveness.   Presently, there are 3 slots available for bi-weekly or on-demand skype sessions. First session is free of charge.


Workshops are also expanded to active listeners (primarily using voice and rhythm, mostly without instruments): 

“Music Mind for Everyone”

In these workshop, led by Ingrid Sertso and  myself,   we explore

– to listen, sing and play from the heart

         recognizing pure energy vs habitual and impulsive patterns

– the GaMaLaTaki Practice of dynamic rhythms

         a practice of beat-for-beat attention to pulse and language patterns

– “Play Five”. Feel + dance the yin-yang of life

         breaking out of the “square” and feeling the rhythm of planet earth

– the power of vocalizing

        making friends with your voice and learning about its spiritual energy

– perfect timing

        recognizing our uncanny sense of the right moments to enter and leave

– the power of playing and feeling “now”

       recognizing the sense of being a “transmitter” and learning to “re-tune”

– the Tibetan Yoga of Sound

       contemplating the dynamic nature of sound moving into silence

– The Sufi message of rhythm and voice

       learning about the Sufis’ expansive philosophy of rhythm and voice

– natural harmony and entrainment

       experiencing harmonious sound occurring through dynamic sensitivity


Ingrid and I are always looking to connect with anyone resonating with Music Mind and invite your comments.

Email us at

We will try to answer asap

The next CMS Workshop Intensive is held at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian NY from June 9-12, 2014

The CMS Fall Intensive is planned for September 29 to October 2, 2014

Music Mind for Everyone: ongoing sessions in the Woodstock area. Next international session in Liestal (Basel), Switzerland, October 24-26, 2014

For further infos:  www.creativemusicfoundation,org, Phone  +1 845 679 8847








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